Nolan Arenado acted like a giant baby after getting ejected from game (Video)

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Nolan Arenado acted like a giant baby after getting ejected from game.

Getting ejected from an MLB game is already embarrassing enough, but acting like a big ole baby about it makes it just a little bit worse.

That’s what Cardinals’ Nolan Arenado just did. Yikes. That’s not a good look.

The toss came in the break between the seventh and eighth innings. Arenado was upset with the first base umpire for his calls on multiple check swings called for strikes. He crossed the line when he came back out to take his place at third base at the start of the eighth inning, still arguing the calls.

Being frustrated with calls you disagree with is understandable. However, getting so heated that you come back after the initial burst of annoyance and prompt an umpire to eject you in a tight game isn’t great. The Cardinals could have used Arenado late in the game.

Fans on Twitter were unhappy with Arenado for not being there when they needed him in the ninth inning. Others directed their ire elsewere. Many blamed manager Mike Shildt for not standing up for his player. If he had argued the calls in Arenado’s place, he might have gotten ejected, but the third baseman might have continued.

Whether you side with Arenado, Shildt, the umpires or anyone else in this equation, the Cardinals certainly could have handled the game much better.

On the night, Arenado was 0-for-4 with three strikeouts.

St. Louis was on a six-game winning streak before losing to the Brewers on Tuesday. Frustration from that loss may have carried over into Wednesday. The Cardinals are fighting for a postseason spot, but they’re 3.5 games out of the wildcard, so every game matters right now.

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