Kolten Wong scores on the most ridiculous sacrifice fly ever (Video)

Milwaukee Brewers, Washington Nationals

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Milwaukee Brewers infielder Kolten Wong makes the Washington Nationals infield look so stupid by scoring a run on this absolutely insane sacrifice fly.

Kolten Wong and the Milwaukee Brewers are playing winning baseball these days, while the Washington Nationals definitely are not.

During Saturday afternoon’s game at American Family Field, Wong was able to score a run on a pop-up in foul territory down the first base line. It was a heads up play by the Brewers infielder, as the Nationals sat there looking like the dumbest people alive. This is a microcosm of why the Brewers will win the NL Central and why the Nationals will miss out on the postseason yet again.

You have to see it to believe. How can you allow Wong to score on a run on a pop-up like this?

Kolten Wong embarrasses the Washington Nationals on this sacrifice fly

While the ball landed in the perfect spot for Wong to take advantage of the National’s latest blunder, this is a seminal difference between what good baseball looks like and what bad baseball looks like. Even the best teams make errors from time to time, but you cannot tell me a team that has any shot of winning the World Series forgets to cover home as poorly as Washington did here.

Of all the runs Wong ever scores going forward, this one should go down as the most impressive.

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