Tony La Russa furious over 3-0 hit by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Video)

Chicago White Sox, Toronto Blue Jays

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White Sox manager Tony La Russa was livid with catcher Seby Zavala over a 3-0 pitch Lance Lynn delivered to Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Tony La Russa was furious over a 3-0 hit by Blue Jays star Vladimir Guerrero Jr., but this time his anger had nothing to do with the unwritten rules of baseball.

Guerrero Jr. hit a single on a 3-0 pitch in the sixth inning to tie the game against the White Sox. Once the inning was over, La Russa laid into catcher Seby Zavala, apparently livid over the 3-0 pitch.

Zavala was the subject of La Russa’s ire, presumably because he let Lynn deliver a fastball down the middle on the 3-0 count. It was a preeminently hittable pitch and Guerrero made them pay for it.

Adding to the frustration, first base was open, so walking Guerrero wouldn’t have been the end of the world.

Tony La Russa laid into Seby Zavala for a 3-0 pitch to Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Things went from bad to worse for Chicago in the eighth inning when Craig Kimbrel sent the go-ahead run home on a wild pitch.

After the game, La Russa was asked about the 3-0 pitch and he responded with a simple, “no comment.”

On the one hand, La Russa may have learned from past mistakes and decided not to air his grievances with players in public.

On the other hand, La Russa may have been angry enough still to avoid the topic.

La Russa definitely has a right to be miffed with Zavala and Lynn for committing such a crucial error. At the same time, there was nothing stopping the manager from calling for an intentional walk. He has to own some of the blame.

Chicago is still comfortably in first place in the AL Central. However, Monday’s loss was their third in a row, so the frustration is heightened.

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