Shohei Ohtani hit by pitch on hand in scary moment for the Angels (Video)

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Los Angeles Angels star and MVP favorite Shohei Ohtani was hit in the hand by a pitch and left the plate in pain against the San Diego Padres.

It’s already unfortunate baseball fans won’t get to see Shohei Ohtani in the playoffs. Now they need to worry about his ability to keep playing this season.

On Saturday night against the Padres, Ohtani took a pitch to the hand and looked in serious pain afterward.

There are so many delicate bones in the hand. It’s just not a good place to get hit by a pitch. The potential for injury is high.

In this case, we don’t know if Ohtani is injured or if he’ll be able to shake off the blow. The umpires determined he struck out swinging on the pitch so he went to the Angels dugout either way.

The broadcast showed Ohtani sitting in the dugout with his hand wrapped in ice.

For now it’s a waiting game with baseball fans everywhere hoping the MVP favorite is okay.

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