Jeff Passan: Trevor Bauer may never play again in MLB

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Per Jeff Passan’s report, there is growing belief that Trevor Bauer may never play in MLB again.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan dropped a bombshell on the Trevor Bauer front on Tuesday afternoon, as there is a growing belief the reigning NL Cy Young winner may never pitch in MLB again.

Bauer has not pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers in over two months. Given his ongoing legal issues, Passan’s sources around the league are expecting a heavy suspension to be handed out to Bauer when this is all sorted out. Not only do they believe his days with the Dodgers are likely over with, but he may have pitched his last game in the big leagues. Bauer is only 30-years-old.

The fallout from the investigation into Bauer’s off-the-field behavior is expected to be massive.

Los Angeles Dodgers RHP Trevor Bauer may never pitch in baseball again

Passan goes on to answer a bunch of questions about what is to come with the Bauer saga, touching on everything from when a suspension is coming, to if it serves Bauer to cooperate with MLB or if he plans to appeal a suspension. No matter what happens, Bauer’s reputation is forever tarnished and you could understand why all 30 MLB teams may choose to stay away from him.

The longer this process is drawn out, the messier it is going to be for Bauer and his MLB career.

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