Nationals executive would rather resign than get COVID-19 vaccine

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Bob Boone would rather resign from his Washington Nationals post than get vaccinated.

Longtime Washington Nationals front office executive Bob Boone is resigning from his post than getting a COVID-19 vaccination to comply with the organization’s mandate.

Boone is 73-years-old and is the father to Bret and Aaron Boone. His son who is the New York Yankees manager is fully vaccinated and has a heart condition. It is just mind-boggling at this point how many people would rather be fired than to get a vaccine that could save their life. Then again, this is America and we have seen so many things over the years that leave us in perpetual cringe.

The Nationals have completely swan dived since winning the World Series only two years ago.

Washington Nationals executive Bob Boone is resigning over vaccine mandate

There really is not much else to say at this point. While vaccines have been available to those who qualify for it like those in Boone’s age group since January, you cannot make anyone receive one. Boone had been a senior adviser to general manager Mike Rizzo for years, but that ends as of this afternoon. Expect more people to quit jobs because of vaccination mandates this summer and fall.

This is the latest example of how families can be divided when it comes to getting vaccinated.

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