MLB Twitter reacts to Red Sox blowing six-run lead to the Rays

Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays

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The Boston Red Sox blew a 7-1 lead to the Rays while giving up the game-tying run in the ninth inning on an inside-the-park home run.

It’s funny how quickly fortunes can change in baseball. One minute, you’re scoring six runs in the second inning to take a commanding lead against a division rival. The next, you’re giving up an inside-the-park home run to tie the game in the ninth inning.

Well, it was funny for anyone not rooting for the Red Sox, at least.

Monday’s game between Boston and Tampa Bay was the definition of silly. The Red Sox had a 7-1 lead early and watched it evaporate thanks to four errors and that aforementioned feat in the ninth.

Incredibly, that was one of two inside-the-park homers on the day, though Nelson Cruz’s came courtesy of a throwing error in the fourth.

The Rays went on to win 11-10 after the 10th.

Red Sox fans were beside themselves over a blown 7-1 lead

It was not a fun time for Red Sox fans.

This is literally the first time this has happened.

The American League wild card chase is just stupid right now.

Since Boston and New York both lost on Monday, the Rays improved their command of the AL East to 8.5 games. Boston is nine games out. They’re both still in the wild card spots, but the Mariners, Blue Jays and Athletics suddenly have an opening to charge into.

A loss under any circumstances would have produced the same results for Boston, but to do it in such a ridiculous way only pours salt on the wound.

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