Jesus Aguilar hilariously trolls Javy Baez for thumbs down celebration (Video)

Miami Marlins, New York Mets

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Miami Marlins slugger Jesus Aguilar chirped with the New York Mets dugout and trolled Javy Baez in the best way possible. 

Unfortunately for New York Mets second baseman Javy Baez, the aftermath of his insane admission about his thumbs down celebration keeps getting worse and worse. Not only are Mets fans furious with him, but he’s getting trolled left and right over things.

On Tuesday, New York is in a showdown with Miami, opening the door for Marlins players to have some fun too. Jesus Aguilar was getting into it with several Mets players, so he decided to shut them up the only way he knew how: with a thumbs down move of his own.

Jesus Aguilar just owned the Mets at Citi Field

In the video above, it looks like things got started with Aguilar exchanging some words with Francisco Lindor, who has also flashed the thumbs down himself. Then Aguilar kept going and going, embarrassing the Mets as a whole with his words and trolling.

This really only makes the situation worse for the Mets. Over the last week, countless folks have voiced their displeasure with Baez. In the showdown on Tuesday, fans showered Baez with boos and gave him the thumbs down when he stepped up to the plate. Talk about a taste of your own medicine.

What did the former Cub expect? He basically came out and said that he’s got some hate for the fans over in Queens. With as passionate as the fanbase is as a whole, it’s no shock that they’re turning on Baez right now.

This relationship is in serious trouble. Who knows if it can be fixed. In the meantime, Aguilar will keep having fun with the Mets. After all, it’s not his problem if the New York supporters are starting to despite Baez and Lindor. If anything, he’ll just try to make things worse for them.

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