Video: Former Cubs World Series hero loses his mind and attacks home plate umpire in KBO

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A former MLB pitcher is likely about to be a former KBO pitcher after attacking a home plate umpire during a deranged tirade. 

There are a few things that former MLB pitcher Mike Montgomery will be remembered for when his career is over.

One is that he’s the pitcher who recorded the final out of the Chicago Cubs World Series victory in 2016. Another is that he’s the pitcher who attacked a KBO umpire after launching into a tirade over disagreeing with a rule.

Montgomery has been pitching in the KBO for the Samsung Lions, but his tenure came to a fiery end this week after he attacked a home plate umpire during a tirade.

After being warned about a ‘12 second rule’, Montgomery lost his mind and charged the home plate umpire, launching a rosin bag at home when it became clear to him he wasn’t going to be able to break past his teammates holding him back.

Former Cubs pitcher Mike Montgomery attacks KBO umpire

Despite owning an abysmal 5.40 ERA this season in the KBO, Montgomery connected with the umpire with enough accuracy to likely warrant his removal from the league.

It’s absolutely insane to watch, and not in a good way.

We’ve seen athletes blow their lid and flip their wig plenty of times throughout the history of sports. But there’s a fine line between blowing off some steam and crossing over into deranged psychosis.

Cubs fans will remember Montgomery for his contributions to the 2016 World Series team. He recorded the final out of Game 7 in Cleveland and is forever etched in baseball history, however his future in the sport seems like it’s not nearly as bright as those memories are.

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