Cubs make wrong kind of MLB history yet again against Phillies

Chicago Cubs, MLB

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The Chicago Cubs have just done something in MLB history that has never been done before.

One of the special things about sports is that everything is documented. Because of that, we get to marvel at unique stats and cherish witnessing things that have never happened in the 100-plus years of professional sports in the US.

On Thursday night, The Chicago Cubs added a new record to MLB history against the Philadelphia Phillies, and it’s not a record to be proud of.

That’s not typically what people have in mind when they say leave your name in the record books. That’s a new low for the oldest pro sport in American history.

The Chicago Cubs season hits a new low

As sad as this moment is for the Cubs, it strangely is a perfect representation of their season.

The Cubs started the season off pretty well, and were leading the NL Central deep into June. They then went on to have a 12-game losing streak, trade away their best players and drop to 4th place in the division.

So when record enthusiasts see that the 2021 Cubs twice lose by eight or more runs after leading 7-0, they’ll have a pretty good idea how their season went.

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