Was Conor McGregor’s first pitch actually the worst ever?


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Conor McGregor threw out a pretty horrible first pitch and it has us wondering how it compares to other bad first pitches.

One of the fun traditions of baseball is the ceremonial first pitch. Oftentimes, it’s famous people who have become so good at something that they are acknowledged and asked to do something that they are not good at, at all.

UFC legend Conor McGregor joined a long list of people who have thrown out hilariously bad first pitches. McGregor would redeem himself later on leading Wrigley Field in the singing of Take Me out to the Ball Game. His singing won’t be enough to make us forget about the poor pitch.

Take a look at McGregor’s first pitch and other infamous ceremonial first pitches. You be the judge of whose was the worst.

Conor McGregor and the worst first pitches of all time

Conor McGregor, UFC fighter 

McGregor’s pitch was so far right that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t intentional. Maybe it was the suit or the injured ankle he’s rehabbing. Either way it will be immortalized.

50 Cent, Rapper & Entertainer

50 Cent, who has dipped his hand in everything from music to television usually excels at new activities. That clearly wasn’t the case as he released the ball about three seconds too early.

Carl Lewis, Track & Field Olympic legend 

Lewis is one of the most decorated Track and Field Olympians of all time, but his pitch was far from a gold medal performance as it dived well before the plate.

Gary ‘Baba Booey’ Dell’Abate, Radio producer

The famed radio producer’s first pitch made waves across television as he pelted the umpire who was standing about five feet to the right of the plate.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor 

Dr. Fauci approached the mound decked out with a custom jersey, hat and mask, but his pitch couldn’t match his outfit as it didn’t even leave the infield grass.

Lil Durk, Rapper

Chicago rapper Lil Durk has been having an amazing year on the charts, but he left all his heat in the booth as his first pitch looked more like a Gronk spike.

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