Nationals pitcher ejected for intentionally hitting Freddie Freeman with pitch (Video)

Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals

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Umpires ejected Washington Nationals pitcher Sean Nolin for intentionally hitting Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman.

It took just eight pitches for Sean Nolin to get ejected from his start for the Nationals against the Braves.

His crime? Nolin threw at Freddie Freeman. In fact, he missed the first attempt and had to go after him again with pitch No. 1.

The silly thing about all this is guys like Freeman and Nolin end up getting thrown at and thrown out over a feud between Will Smith and Juan Soto.

Sean Nolin and Freddie Freeman got caught up in Will Smith-Juan Soto drama

Freeman and Soto even shared a moment after the HBP.

Smith threw at Soto on Tuesday night, in the ninth inning with a three-run Braves lead, bringing the tying run to the plate.

The pitcher risked giving away a win because of his beef with Soto going back to 2020, when the Nationals star flipped his bat and stared too long a home run.

Those aren’t good reasons to send a pitch careening at another player. Those aren’t good reasons to teammates to get dragged into it either, on both sides.

At least Freeman and Soto are cool.

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