MLB Playoff scenarios: Every possible AL Wild Card matchup

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With one more official say left in the MLB regular season, the race for the AL Wild Card is going to be messy fun. 

Buckle up, baseball is here to dominate an NFL Sunday.

While football is usually king while closing out the weekend, the chase for the MLB Postseason is as chaotic as its been in a very long time. Only two teams can punch tickets to the AL Wild Card, but as the final day of the season begins four teams remain in the hunt with scenarios existing where we will need multiple play-in games to sort things out.

Simply put, baseball hasn’t been this wildly entertaining in a while and not even the prowess of the NFL can water down the drama.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan passed along a helpful guide to the chaos, outlining every possible AL Wild Card matchup and scenario as we enter the final day of the regular season.

AL Wild Card scenarios: Every possible MLB Playoff scenario

Check it out the potential chaos:

The easiest route to ending the chaos would be the Yankees and Red Sox winning their respective games on Sunday. If that happened, the AL Wild Card drama would end insofar as wondering who would play in the game. The capital-D Drama would remain, as that play-in game would be between the two biggest rivals in baseball: the Yankees and Red Sox.

However, if you’re an agent of chaos and looking for maximum carnage to whet your appetite before postseason baseball, a loss by the Yankees and Red Sox coupled with wins by the Blue Jay and Mariners would trigger a four-way tie for the AL Wild Card.

This would be the nightmare scenario for MLB, one in which the season would need to be extended in addition to a 163rd game before we get to the AL Wild Card.

It’s easy to complain about how baseball is boring or that it isn’t as intense as more popular North American sports. But Sunday’s final day, and the chaos surrounding the AL Wild Card, is a direct shot to the vein of pure uncut baseball fun and it’s going to be impossible to not enjoy.

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