Red Sox gunning down Aaron Judge sounds even better in Spanish (Video)

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Boston Red Sox fans are still fired up over the play at the plate when Aaron Judge got thrown out trying to score. 

The AL Wild Card Game was downright electric at Fenway Park. Boston Red Sox fans are probably still celebrating, while the Yankees supporters are yelling louder and louder for Aaron Boone to be sent packing.

In that Boston win, one of the biggest game-changers no doubt occurred when Aaron Judge was thrown out at home plate trying to score after a hit from Giancarlo Stanton off the wall. How could things be even better for folks in Boston? Let the call in Spanish jack you up even more.

The Spanish call of Aaron Judge getting tossed out at home is absolutely brilliant

You’ve simply got to love seeing that. The Yankees thought they had tied things up with that Stanton blast, but the Green Monster had other ideas, keeping it in the park by inches. Phil Nevin made the absurd call to send Judge home, which of course came back to haunt the Yankees.

Unfortunately for Stanton, he had two big-time hits that looked like they were going to be homers, only to bounce high off the wall. It was deflating for Yankees nation as a whole. At the end of the day, though, baseball truly is a game of inches.

Now, the Yankees will be watching the rest of the postseason from home. The same can’t be said for the Red Sox. They’ve now got some pep in their step and the team will be ready to try and record an upset series win over the Tampa Bay Rays. They’ve got some confidence after taking down the hated Yankees, there’s no doubt about that.

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