Watch: This Angel Hernandez call is so bad it united Dodgers and Giants fans in hating the umpire

Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB Postseason, San Francisco Giants

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Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants fans despise Angel Hernandez behind the plate.

While Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants fans agree on basically nothing, only two things unite them: California is awesome and Angel Hernandez is doing his very best to ruin their NLDS behind the plate.

Given how rare it is to see these rivals meet in October, Hernandez decided to make it about himself behind the plate. He called a Julio Urias fastball that was about a foot off the plate strike three to Giants first baseman Darin Ruf. It was unbelievable, only to the point in which you realize Hernandez was calling the game. Not even Joe West or C.B. Bucknor would call this strike three.

It was so bad and we have the visual evidence to prove how bad it was.

In real time…

And after the fact…

Angel Hernandez is ruining the Dodgers at Giants NLDS Game 2

This is only a best-of-five series, so every game is precious.

The winner of this best-of-five series will take on the winner of the other NLDS between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Atlanta Braves.

Top-seeded San Francisco took Game 1 over the Dodgers, while Los Angeles is still feeling the good vibes after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in walk-off fashion in the 2021 NL Wild Card game.

If Giants and Dodgers fans agree on something being bad, then you know that thing is horrendous.

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