White Sox: Tony La Russa’s postgame comment won’t help his case

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Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa commented on the 9-4 loss to the Houston Astros, believing that the score did not represent his team’s effort. 

The White Sox are now 2-0 in the ALDS, putting them at a significant disadvantage to advancing further through the playoffs.

The culprit, according to Sox fans, has been identified as Tony La Russa.

There are at least three La Russa decisions that have been called into question over the last two games, with two major decisions costing the White Sox Game 2. La Russa’s description of the final 9-4 score as “misleading” infuriated fans who felt the score represented the coach’s incompetence.

White Sox manager Tony La Russa’s postgame comment will only hurt his case

La Russa’s worst mistakes in Game 2 were putting Leury Garcia in the outfield over Adam Engel and using relief pitcher Craig Kimbrel as a closer in the seventh inning.

La Russa wanted Cesar Hernandez to hit instead of Engel, which led to Garcia playing in the outfield instead. The Engel substution backfired, as Garcia misplayed a hit by Carlos Correa and the  Astros scored two on the double. Previously tied, the Astros took the lead, which would prove disastrous in the seventh inning.

The White Sox kept it close through six innings, entering the seventh inning tied at 4-4. Kimbrel came into the seventh with men on first and second, ultimately giving up four runs that gave the Astros the game.

La Russa’s mild postgame comment indicate that the players did their best and played hard, and the score doesn’t represent that. While the teams kept it close, the Astros were able to pull away in moments where they could have been shut down with the right coaching and management decisions.

Misleading or not, the score is something La Russa will have to improve if his team is to stay in the World Series hunt.

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