Angel Hernandez’s awful Game 2 was actually decent…for him

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Angel Hernandez’s scorecard for his performance for Game 2 of the NLDS between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants has been revealed.

Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants fans were ready to watch Game 2 of the NLDS on Saturday night. What was already a stressful game, it became even worse after they realized that umpire Angel Hernandez was calling the game behind home plate. Sure enough, there was some controversy, as evidenced by a called strike three on a Julios Urias pitch to Darin Ruf that was outside the strike zone in the bottom of the first inning.

As for Hernandez’s overall performance in Game 2,  the Twitter account Umpire Scorecards gave him a 91-percent in overall accuracy and 94-percent on overall consistency. You can check out more of their scores in the tweet below:

Angel Hernandez’s scorecard for NLDS Game 2 between Giants, Dodgers

The scorecard did feature the strike three call on Urias’ pitch the third-worst missed call by Hernandez on the night. The others were a called ball on a 3-2 pitch by Urias to Wilmer Flores in the bottom of the second and a a called ball on a 2-2 pitch from San Francisco’s Dominic Leone to Chris Taylor in the top of the sixth.

The Dodgers entered Saturday night needing to win to avoid an 0-2 hole in the NLDS. They did just that, thanks to an offensive flurry by the bats and a solid start by Urias, who allowed just one earned run on one hit and struck out five batters in five innings.

Dodgers and Giants fans are still going to take a sigh of relief knowing that Hernandez will not be behind home plate for Game 3 on Monday.

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