Red Sox got the last laugh with epic troll of Rays after ALDS-clinching win

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The Boston Red Sox troll game was strong when they beat the division rival Tampa Bay Rays a third time to clinch an ALCS berth.

No doubt the Boston Red Sox had their popcorn ready when they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays for the third time in the row to get back to the ALCS.

While popcorn is an incredible snack/meal, it had a slightly different role than one would expect in this best-of-five postseason series. Rays players were seen nomming on some popcorn in the Tropicana Field dugout during their effortless Game 1 victory over the Sox. As it turns out, Boston did not forget. The players were petty enough to bring some to the mound to celebrate advancing.

While the last two games came down to the wire, what an utterly horrendous collapse by the top-seeded Rays in this ALDS series vs. a bitter division rival.

Boston Red Sox use popcorn to troll the Tampa Bay Rays hilariously

Anytime one can use food as a prop, it should be done, especially if it makes a foe look stupid. This is the type of inherent pettiness that makes sports so great. While it’s cool to be a front-runner, it’s even better to flip the script and troll a hated rival after they collapsed in front of everyone. Boston is in a great spot, but the Rays may need to re-evaluate Kevin Cash as their skipper now.

The Red Sox will face the winner of the other ALDS series between the Chicago White Sox and the Houston Astros for the AL pennant.

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