Carlos Rodon bodies troll who slid in his DMs after loss to Astros

Chicago White Sox, Houston Astros

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When a troll slid into Carlos Rodon’s DMs and got personal after the White Sox lost to the Astros, he made him pay with a brutal response back.

The worst part of the internet is the freedom it gives people to act like jerks.

The most satisfying part of the internet is when one such jerk gets their comeuppance.

Carlos Rodon got the last laugh when interacting with a fan on social media who slid into his DMs to troll him.

White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon put a troll in their place

The troll tried to take a swipe at Rodon after the White Sox were eliminated from the playoffs by the Astros. Rodon lost his Game 4 start after giving up two runs in just 2.2 innings of action. It definitely wasn’t the way he would have wanted his All-Star season to end, but it definitely didn’t warrant this kind of attack.

The troll got personal, going after Rodon’s weight and appearance. So it’s only fair that Rodon came back with some personal attacks of his own.

That’s the thing about diving into someone’s DMs like that. It’s not so hard for them to click into your profile and find things to take a dig at in response.

In one sense, the troll won because Rodon responded in the first place. The first rule of being on the internet is “don’t feed the trolls” and Rodon broke that rule.

However, the fan in question made the ultimate blunder by posting the receipts for the world to see. He owned himself and then made his account private to hide from further attention.

In the grand scheme of things, Rodon’s couch is probably a lot more comfortable than the one that troll is sitting on right now anyways.

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