Twitter unloads on Hulu as streaming service goes down during NLCS

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Twitter unloads on Hulu as the streaming service goes down during NLCS.

First, it was Facebook and Instagram and now it’s the popular streaming service, Hulu who is suffering the fate of a network outage. The outage appears to have happened during prime time viewing as Twitter users flocked to social media to complain and find answers.

Hulu is home to some of the most popular sports networks in the world including FOX Sports, ESPN, CBS, ABC and the NFL Network.

Some fans were upset they couldn’t watch the NLCS which very well could have declared a victor tonight.

At press time, Hulu Support had yet to address the outage on their Twitter stream but they had tweeted the following message to a few individuals, “Apologies! We can confirm we’re looking into similar reports with high priority. While we work to get this resolved ASAP, we recommend trying on another device”

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