St. Louis Cardinals prospect bit by a bear while hunting

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Some scary news came in for the St. Louis Cardinals, as pitching prospect Dalton Roach revealed he was bitten by a bear while hunting.

This surely isn’t what the St. Louis Cardinals thought would happen right as their offseason began. That’s because one of their pitching prospects was out hunting, and nearly suffered a serious injury thanks to a bear? That’s exactly what happened.

Hurler Dalton Roach revealed that he was bow hunting and then saw a bear come his way. He decided to whip out his phone and filmed from a tree. Next thing Roach knew, the bear was inching closer and closer.

Cardinals: Dalton Roach was able to scare a bear away after it bit him

To make matters worse for Roach, he said that the bear ended up climbing up the tree and he knew that he was in some big-time trouble. The bear got so close, Roach could feel breathing behind him. Next thing he knew, the bear bit him, but Roach didn’t panic.

Instead, the 25-year-old pitcher did some quick thinking, got big and then decided to yell out in anger to try and scare the bear away. Luckily for him, it worked and the bear backed down, with Roach able to live to tell his story.

All in all, though, this is an incredibly scary situation. This happened back in Wisconsin and Roach was able to make his way to a local hospital to receive treatment. This included a tetanus shot and an injection of a rabies vaccine. It was the first of many injections Roach will need to receive.

Now, he’ll focus on getting himself healthy. At the same time, he’ll probably be in no rush to get back hunting with bears around.

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