Astros fans troll Rob Manfred for sign-stealing scandal ‘scapegoat’

Houston Astros, MLB Postseason

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It’s no secret that Houston Astros fans aren’t exactly fond of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred for how he’s handled the sign-stealing scandal.

Rob Manfred isn’t exactly a popular man in one of America’s most populous metropolitan areas. Manfred, MLB’s current commissioner, regularly gets a lot of criticism from Houston Astros fans and that’s exactly what happened when Manfred was speaking with media members prior to Game 1 of the World Series Tuesday evening.

During his chat with reporters, Manfred caught some flak from Astros fans who were incensed about the way he was mandating that the roof of Minute Maid Park would stay open for the World Series, and then also something a bit more monumental.

Astros fans still haven’t forgiven Manfred for the way the infamous sign-stealing scandal shook out. And so, when a few fans had a chance to make sure their voices were heard, they loudly gave Manfred a piece of their minds.

Houston Astros fans heckle Rob Manfred for sign-stealing scandal during World Series interview

When considering how Houston has largely been treated as the poster child for sign-stealing when former New York Yankee Carlos Beltran reportedly helped the Astros get up to speed on how to effectively steal signs, but there has been little scrutiny about New York stealing signs, it’s no wonder that Houston fans might be a little upset.

The court battle involving the Yankees over an infamous letter that has somehow remained sealed is often forgotten whenever fans discuss the sign-stealing scandal.

In addition to that, it’s worth considering how the Boston Red Sox received a relatively light punishment for using technology to steal signs a few years back as well.

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