Freddie Freeman hugging his dad after World Series is what baseball’s all about

Atlanta Braves, MLB Postseason

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Freddie Freeman found his dad after the Braves won the World Series. In the end, that’s what baseball is all about. Family.

Freeman came alive in the second half of this series, and hit a home run in Game 6 to essentially seal the game. In doing so, his son Charlie reacted in turn. Three generations of Freeman men are entrenched in baseball.

After the game, Freeman found his father, hugging him after finally reaching the baseball pinnacle.

Freeman’s dad, Fred (if you can believe it), embraced his son in a truly inspirational family moment.

Freddie has many questions to answer this offseason, namely his free agency status. But for now, he’ll enjoy the moment.

Freddie Freeman free agency: Will he leave Braves?

The Braves ought to pay Freeman what he’s worth, well, tomorrow. They’re likely waiting on competitive bargaining agreement issues, which ought to be resolved at some point this offseason.

Freeman has more than earned his worth, and Spotrac says he’s worth upwards of $28 million per season. That’s a lot of money, but Atlanta will pay it, especially after the Braves reached their ultimate goal this season.

The 31-year-old won MVP in 2020, and was named an All-Star this past season for the fifth time. He’s a Gold Glove caliber first baseman as well, and a great representative for the Braves franchise.

What more could the Braves want?

Freeman will have quite the market, and the only holdup will be the number of years, rather than the money attached. But Freddie doesn’t want to talk about that for now.

He just wants to enjoy a World Series win with his father, son, and family.

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