Astros: Latest update suggests Dusty Baker will be back

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Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker wants to come back next season, but will they have him? Management is expected to announce soon.

It’s been known for the last few days that the Astros are expected to bring back Baker, but until they officially announce said decision, there’s no telling which direction they’ll go.

The Astros met with Baker on Thursday afternoon, and the expectation is that they’ll bring him back to steer the ship to what they hope is their second straight American League pennant.

Baker went home for the 24th time as manager without a World Series title, and it’s that forgotten feat which drives him. Dusty deserves to go out on top, and Houston has the talent to eventually allow him to do just that.

Astros: Will Dusty Baker be back as manager?

Baker seems like a guarantee at this point. It’s the rest of the team that has several question marks attached.

Look no further than star shortstop Carlos Correa, who is expected to leave for greener pastures in free agency. After losing in the World Series, Correa spoke in past tense about his time in Houston, despite owner Jim Crane claiming re-signing him was a top priority.

Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke are expected to sign elsewhere, too, meaning the Astros must remake their rotation on the fly. It’ll be an intriguing offseason in Houston, but it ought to start off by bringing back Baker for 2022.

Baker is 72 years old, and it’s unclear how many years he has left in the dugout. But if he wants to manage — and by all accounts he does for at least one more year — he’s earned another shot in Houston.

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