Reds GM’s latest quote translates to Nick Castellanos leaving

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With the Cincinnati Reds focused on developing young talent, how long will it take for Nick Castellanos to leave?

The Cincinnati Reds have traded their experienced and talented catcher, Tucker Barnhart, to the Detroit Tigers. That, along with some interesting statements from Cincinnati General Manager Nick Krall, could indicate that Barnhart won’t be the only Reds player to be leaving town in the relatively near future.

According to Bobby Nightengale, the Reds will dedicate their resources to younger players within their system. That means more of an effort on developing folks in the farm system, and less on retaining high-priced stars such as Nick Castellanos.

With this sort of news, Cincinnati fans should expect Castellanos to leave sooner rather than later, given his opt out.

Nick Castellanos contract

Castellanos has two more years left on his deal that could pay him upwards of $36 million. However, he has a player opt-out should he want to hit free agency in his age-30 season.

Coming off a productive campaign, it makes sense for Castellanos to test free agency, or at least force the Reds to pay up for a long-term contract. Krall’s statement suggests he won’t be willing to meet Castellanos’ asking price, though.

Will Nick Castellanos leave the Reds?

None of that news should ease any concern about the possibility of Castellanos leaving for an organization that is a little more intent on winning right now.

Castellanos has an impressive swing that somehow impacts reality, and he hits a lot of home runs. While Cincinnati might not be interested in trying to retain veteran players such as Castellanos, plenty of other teams will be very interested in him.

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