5 potential destinations for Carlos Correa in free agency

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Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

As Carlos Correa hits the MLB free agency market, here are 5 teams who should look into signing the top-tier shortstop this offseason. 

Carlos Correa may have lost the World Series with the Houston Astros, but his impressive season allowed him to finish his Astros contract with a flourish.

Now, the elite shortstop will be hitting the free agency market this offseason, which has MLB fans clamoring to see where Correa will head next.

Although Correa has teased fans with some direction, telling a Mets fan he likes pinstripes but not blue and orange, the truth is that Correa could land in a number of different places.

Here are five teams that are likely to splurge for Correa this offseason as they make plays to bolster their own World Series-bound roster.

Carlos Correa: 5 potential landing spots in MLB free agency

5. Detroit Tigers

The Tigers don’t have a substantial team at this point, which is why they could make Correa the centerpiece of a new age in Detroit.

This past season, Correa’s 5.7 fWAR was 11th among all players, while the Tigers’ current slate of shortstops only got 0.2 fWAR. Adding Correa give them a massive advantage to get more wins in 2022 — and it seems Detroit is definitely interested in acquiring Correa.

Heyman hints at A.J. Hinch, the Tigers manager who worked as the Astros manager from 2015-19, forming a connection with Correa.

The Tigers have enough to spend a potential $250-$300 million on a Correa deal, and they plan to be aggressive in free agency. A competitive Detroit offer makes sense, which is why Correa may choose to land there if they offer the biggest deal.

4. Seattle Mariners

Seattle is another destination that makes sense for Correa’s future, as the high-caliber team is one player away from making a solid playoff run. That player could be Correa, who SoDo Mojo’s Christopher O’Day said could even play at third if he moves to Seattle.

If Correa was open to switching things up a bit, which he reportedly said he was open to considering before the 2021 season, perhaps he could land a deal lasting 10 years worth $320 million.

Seattle has the money, and they already have the team necessary to make a run at the postseason. With Correa as an incredible defensive player and hitter, he truly could take the Mariners through next October.

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