Look: Cleveland Guardians team store sign is already broken (Photo)

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On the morning of their anticipated rebrand, the new Cleveland Guardians sign fell and shattered outside of their Progressive Field team store. 

The Cleveland Guardians experienced an ominous sign on their first morning showcasing their new name.

As the team placed their “Cleveland Guardians” name and logo above the Progressive Field team store, it came crashing down, shattering on the pavement.

“Mess with the roller derby, get the horns,” podcaster Brandon Warne joked, a reference to the recently-settled dispute between the Cleveland Guardians MLB team and the men’s roller derby team of the same name.

Cleveland Guardians team shop sign is already broken

The sign broke off mere hours after the team store opened at 9:00am to sell Guardians gear.

This is after the Guardians mysteriously postponed their grand opening to Nov. 19. The Guardians debut was actually supposed to occur on Nov. 15, but the launch was postponed “without explanation,” according to retailers.

One explanation for why the sign was torn down was by those who opposed the name change and would rather replace the new logo with Cleveland’s old one, joked Cleveland sports blogger McNeil.

Whether it’s the roller very crew or incensed Cleveland baseball fans, one thing is certain: the broken sign appears to be a sign that Cleveland baseball is somehow cursed.

Despite the hiccup on Day 1, Cleveland fans lined up outside the Progressive Field team store to cop new gear just as it was released.

For those who didn’t make the grand opening, Guardians merchandise can be purchased at other retailers on Tuesday, Nov. 23.

While the sign can fall (or be ripped off) outside the team store, the Guardians have their new name and logo proudly displayed on their website and all social channels.

A rough day for Cleveland, but there’s a reason why FanSided’s Cleveland sports site is called “Factory of Sadness.”

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