3 perfect landing spots for Carlos Correa after Corey Seager signs with Rangers

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Corey Seager has signed with the Texas Rangers while Carlos Correa is still trying to make a deal happen during free agency. Where will Correa land?

With Corey Seager signing a massive contract with the Texas Rangers, another high profile shortstop is off the board in this free agency class. That means the market is moving further in Carlos Correa’s favor.

Correa has been one of the most intriguing free agents in this class, but there have been several other talented shortstops competing against him for contracts.

But Seager is out of the way. The free agency class is smaller. Correa has a little more control over his destiny. So, where might he end up?

Carlos Correa free agency: 3 possible teams Carlos Correa could sign with

New York Yankees

Of all the teams that are interested in courting Correa, the New York Yankees might be the one that could potentially afford to pay the talented shortstop what he wants. New York fans have been critical of Correa for the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, but he would almost certainly be an upgrade over the Yankees’ current shortstop situation.

Given how the Yankees haven’t had a thrilling run at free agents this year, it’d be pretty impressive if they could find a way to get a deal done with Correa.

Houston Astros

There’s nothing wrong with sticking around with the team that gave you your shot and the Houston Astros are certainly built to win immediately. Why not find a compromise that makes both parties happy and play for Houston for a few more years?

Correa has been instrumental in helping Houston make it to five consecutive AL Championship Series. He’s been a huge part of the three World Series appearances the Astros have made over the past five seasons. He could certainly continue to help Houston win. It just might be a little tricky to come to an agreement on a contract that satisfies everyone involved.

Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers apparently don’t want to break the bank, but they might be a pretty good option to give Correa a solid contract and add him to a team that looks capable of winning in the somewhat near future.

Plus, Correa signing with the Tigers wouldn’t exactly put him in a team culture that he’d be totally unfamiliar with. While he’s never played for Detroit, Correa has played for A.J. Hinch in Houston. That familiarity would be huge for Correa.

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