First recorded Hall-of-Fame ballot is awful news for Curt Schilling

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If an early ballot is any indication, it looks like Curt Schilling’s chances to make it into Cooperstown and the Hall-of-Fame.

Will Curt Schilling make it into the Hall-of-Fame this year? He’s in his final year of eligibility to make it and one early ballot isn’t exactly going to be something that gives many folks who want him in hope that he’ll actually make it.

Jack McCaffery submitted the first ballot for this year’s round of Hall-of-Fame voting and Schilling wasn’t a player McCaffery picked despite previously voting for him.

MLB Hall of Fame ballots: Will Curt Schilling get into the Hall-of-Fame?

Unfortunately for him and his fans, Schilling is going to have a hard time getting into Cooperstown. He’s been a bit of a controversial character for some of his opinions, which has made him an unpopular figure in baseball over recent years.

But when it comes to what he did on the field, many would argue that he accomplished just enough to make it into the Hall-of-Fame.

Still, others would say that he simply doesn’t quite have a resume that is impressive enough. One notable name who requested that Schilling not make it to the Hall of Fame? Schilling himself.

He previously requested that his name be removed from the Hall of Fame ballot over the fact that he maintains that he does not believe his career earned him a spot in the Hall of Fame. That request was subsequently denied, but again, this is the final round of voting that Schilling is eligible in.

There’s a good chance he might not make it into Cooperstown.

But if his previous comments are any indication, there’s an even better chance that he won’t be all that upset about whatever happens with the Hall-of-Fame.

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