3 dream moves Yankees must make once lockout ends

MLB Free Agency, New York Yankees

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Brian Cashman, New York Yankees

Brian Cashman, New York Yankees (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

With MLB currently in a lockout, teams are forbidden from signing free agents or making trades. That leaves plenty of time to plan.

The Yankees, for one, ought to have a lot of time on their hands. New York has failed to impress a starving fanbase this offseason. Baseball fans in the Bronx haven’t seen a World Series since 2009, and over a decade is far too long to wait for them.

New York has several needs, including most prominently in the starting rotation, at shortstop and first base. Beyond that, any moves would be an added bonus.

Joely Rodriguez, as well as a few more minor moves, are all New York has to show for weeks of free agency, while the rest of the league were reshaping their rosters.

With a lockout imposed late last night, the Yankees may not sign, trade for or even be in contact with available players. However, there’s nothing in the rulebook against plotting.

Yankees must address first base after lockout

The Yankees have been linked to Matt Olson since their season ended, and the Oakland Athletics appear intent on dealing him. Olson is a Gold Glove-caliber first baseman, and can hit for power. He slashed .271/.371/.540 with a .911 OPS and 39 home runs. It was the best offensive season for the All-Star, which explains why the Athletics and Billy Beane are selling high on him while they can.

If the Yankees would rather go bigger, or opt to spend money rather than assets and/or prospects, then Freddie Freeman remains available in free agency. The Braves continue to drag their feet on Freeman, haggling over a six-year contract that seems perfectly reasonable given the production he adds at the position.

Olson appears more likely, though, given the Yankees’ preference not to spend large amounts of money this offseason.

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