Astros rumors: Houston’s latest offer to Carlos Correa still won’t cut it

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While the Houston Astros are hoping to bring back Carlos Correa, they’ll surely need to step things up in terms of money on the table. 

People are starting to get a bit impatient when it comes to the Carlos Correa free agency rumors. Who will end up signing him to a head-turning contract? Correa has been linked to several teams, but people in Texas are still praying to the baseball Gods that he’ll return to the Houston Astros.

According to insider Mark Berman, Houston put a five-year, $160 million offer on the table last month. Correa clearly wants more than that, though.

Houston Astros re-signing Carlos Correa will require a lot more money

While Houston would obviously love to get Correa back in the lineup, $160 million over five years isn’t even close to what the star shortstop is looking for out in free agency. It’s important to note too that Berman is reporting that the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs and Braves have also checked in on him.

The interest from the Yankees comes as no surprise, with Brian Cashman hoping he can make a splash in free agency. You already know that New York could be ready to offer up a lot more than what Houston did.

Meanwhile, others like Atlanta, Los Angeles and Boston understandably would love to sign Correa as well. He’s one of the best free agents still out there. The feeling is that he could be ready to start fresh elsewhere, but Houston isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

The Astros need to get back to the drawing board and offer up something that is going to fire up Correa. Otherwise, they’ll surely be risking someone else coming in and doing so.

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