Marcus Stroman’s Twitter activity confirms Cubs interest is very real

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The Cubs are finally making a big splash in free agency with their pursuit of starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, who is among the biggest names left on the market.

Stroman pitched for the New York Mets last season, where he filled in nicely once Jacob deGrom went down with an injury. Per multiple sources, including Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are interested in adding the right-hander to their starting rotation.

However, Stroman basically confirmed the interest himself with his recent Twitter activity. Stroman’s been very active in keeping his fans involved throughout the process, whether it be via likes or replies.

Could Cubs sign Marcus Stroman?

The Cubs starting rotation could use some work, as one look at the depth chart will tell the average fan. Beyond Kyle Hendricks, the Cubs don’t have many starters they can count on. And while the Ricketts’ family has been notoriously stingy with money this offseason, they can still afford to add at least one impact starter, even beyond Stroman.

Stroman would likely slide in either right behind a player of Hendricks’ caliber (merely due to longevity), or even submit his resume as the ace of the staff for 2022.

Nonetheless, the Cubs and Stroman appear very, very close to a contract. If the Cubs don’t blow this, they might be able to reshape their rotation overnight.

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