3 perfect landing spots for Carlos Correa with shortstop market cornered

Houston Astros, MLB Free Agency, New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners

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Carlos Correa remains a free agent, but several teams out there are dreaming of signing him to a big-time deal. 

Carlos Correa remains out there folks and it feels like potentially some earth-shattering news could be on the way. The standout shortstop also has one hell of a bat, which would make him a dream acquisition for any team out there.

He’s without question one of the best free-agent targets still unsigned. With that said, which teams should break the bank to bring him to town? Seattle and New York make sense, while Houston would be wise to try and keep him put too.

Will the Houston Astros be able to re-sign Carlos Correa?

The fact that Correa is still wide open in free agency could be good news for the Houston Astros. Their fanbase loves Correa, as he played a monster role in winning the 2017 World Series and he’s recorded some epic homers over the years.

The general feeling is that Correa is looking for a fresh start, but again, Houston could make a move here if teams don’t put a sexy enough offer on the table to steal him.

Could the New York Yankees sign Carlos Correa?

When bringing up Correa, we’ve of course got to mention the New York Yankees. They’ve been known for giving free agents monster contracts, and the supporters over in the Bronx would be on cloud nine if Correa inked with them.

There’s an insane amount of pressure on Brian Cashman to spice up the lineup. Another short stay in the postseason would surely bring even more panic to New York. Correa could prevent that from happening.

Could the Seattle Mariners stun the world and sign Carlos Correa?

This one feels like a bit of a wildcard, but how about the Seattle Mariners? Jerry Dipoto just made a major splash in signing Robbie Ray to his massive five-year deal. Imagine if he goes out and gets Correa too?

Seattle has been linked with Kris Bryant and Trevor Story. Correa, though? That’s another story. For a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2001, bringing Correa to the Pacific Northwest would have folks believing again.

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