Here’s the massive contract Carlos Correa turned down from Tigers

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According to MLB insider Buster Olney, Detroit had a 10-year deal turned down by star shortstop Carlos Correa. 

Detroit Tigers fans out there are still ecstatic that Javier Baez signed a six-year deal with the club. Well, what if we told you that prior to Baez making things official with Detroit, the Tigers were actually hoping to reel in Carlos Correa?

Per ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Tigers put a mammoth 10-year, $275 million offer on the table for Correa to consider. The stud shortstop ended up turning the team down, opening things up for Baez. Holy smokes.

Carlos Correa turning down a 10-year Tigers deal is wild

As things stand, no one knows what’s next for Correa in his free agency. He’s been linked to several teams, but clearly he hasn’t received the kind of money he was hoping for. As we inch closer and closer to spring training getting too, it has MLB fans wondering what he’s waiting for.

The Tigers wanted him pretty damn bad, but $275 million just didn’t meet Correa’s expectations. With Baez now in the fold for the AL Central club, it’s doubtful that they’d still want to try and land Correa.

Elsewhere, teams like the New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs and others have been mentioned as possible destinations. Folks over in Houston aren’t ready to give up hope on a possible reunion either, but that just doesn’t seem too likely at this point in time.

Whoever does end up winning the Correa sweepstakes is going to have to present him with a monster deal. Thanks to the Tigers and Olney’s report, we know for sure that $275 million isn’t going to get anything done here. Something north of $300 million just might, though.

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