Watch: Mexican League umpire needs to be removed for being drunk

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A Mexican League baseball umpire was removed from play after determining he was drunk and MLB fans had jokes about the infamous Angel Hernandez.

With the MLB lockout pausing free agency and, thus, leaving baseball fans just twiddling their thumbs in what should be a frenetic and awesome time for teams, players and fans, we’re really just waiting for anything that we can latch onto and enjoy.

Thankfully, the Mexican League provided one of the most absurd instances that you’ll ever see. And it involved a drunk umpire.

No, that’s not a typo. An umpire in the Mexican League was removed from the game after his fellow umps determined that he was drunk. In the video of the incident, you can see some odd behavior from the ump in question before he gets clearly agitated as he’s removed from the field.

And if you’re wondering what could’ve led to this, the umpire was apparently giving fans the middle finger, among other things.

Angel Hernandez gets roasted after Mexican League umpire removed for being drunk

MLB fans, clearly fueled by the lockout, took the wild clip as a cue to completely roast umpire Angel Hernandez, someone who’s infamous for making widely disputed calls, particularly when behind the plate.

Obviously, being drunk while trying to umpire a baseball game in the Mexican League is completely unacceptable.

But it’s an indictment of Hernandez and MLB that one of its more prominent umpires was trending on Twitter because of a drunk ump down in Mexico. How can the league not see that and think that there might be a problem with the way Hernandez is calling games?

Alas, before we get into the nuance of that discussion, let’s just stop and appreciate the absurdity that the Mexican League brought us starved baseball fans in the throngs of the lockout.

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