Did the Astros already spend Carlos Correa’s money?

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With Carlos Correa still a free agent searching for a team, is it possible that the remarkably talented shortstop could return to the Houston Astros? 

Is there a chance for a reunion between the Houston Astros and free-agent shortstop Carlos Correa? Or, has that ship sailed? Will the Astros be willing to make a deal that Correa would find appealing or would it take some sort of compromise from both parties to make this work?

The Astros haven’t exactly thrown a ton of money Correa’s way and, so far, it seems like he’s locked in on the idea of signing a massive contract that apparently nobody has been willing to make so far.

The Detroit Tigers reportedly tossed a 10-year, $275 million deal in Correa’s direction and it looks like he turned that down.

The Chicago Cubs, like many teams, are thrilled by the thought of having Correa play for them. Unfortunately for folks who want Correa on the Cubs, it appears as if they would have to make some significant moves to sign him and they apparently don’t want to get locked in on a contract that lasts a decade.

So, what’s the hold-up with Houston? Have the Astros already spent the money that it would take to get Correa to return to Houston?

Well, not exactly.

Carlos Correa free agency: Will Houston Astros make a contract offer that is big enough for Carlos Correa?

The Astros haven’t really made a ton of free agency moves just yet.

Part of that is due to the MLB lockout, which has prevented many free-agent deals from coming to fruition up to this point. That said, while the lockout seems to be delaying some deals, there are other factors at play that might be preventing the Astros from bringing Correa back to Houston.

One notable issue is that Houston has, up to this point, seemed unwilling to break the bank for Correa. They previously made an offer for Correa, but it wasn’t anywhere near the 10-year deals that are close to $300 million that he seems interested in.

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