Dodgers plan for Trea Turner could pave way for Carlos Correa in LA

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If the Dodgers want to bring Carlos Correa to Los Angeles, the plan for infielder Trea Turner will have a major role to play.

Did the Dodgers preemptively replace Corey Seager when they traded for Trea Turner over the summer? Or do they have other plans at shortstop for 2022? Is Carlos Correa in play?

Los Angeles will have to answer those questions sooner or later and Turner’s feelings on the matter could play a part in a potential blockbuster acquisition.

Correa is the top shortstop on the market but if the Dodgers take that swing they will have to relegate Turner to playing second base instead of his preferred position.

Can the Dodgers manage both Trea Turner and Carlos Correa?

If Dodgers fans want to read the tea leaves, Andrew Friedman’s recent comments on AM 570 could open the door for a Turner-Correa infield partnership.

When asked if Turner has broached the subject of returning to play shortstop, the Dodgers president of baseball operations said it hadn’t come up.

“We have not had that conversation, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s what he wants to do,” Friedman said, via True Blue LA. “We haven’t gotten there yet, and we have a lot of heavy lifting to do between now and then to figure out what gives us the best position player group as we head into 2022.”

It’s safe to assume Turner wants to play shortstop but if he hasn’t directly stated that desire yet then it’s also possible he’s open to staying at second base. If Correa makes it more likely for the Dodgers to make a World Series run then second base isn’t a bad concession.

This is all speculation, of course. There won’t be movement on the Correa front until the lockout ends and Turner could make his desires for 2022 more clear at any point. It’ll be something to track.

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