Framber Valdez works on constructing a church in Dominican Republic

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With Christmas time upon us, Framber Valdez decided to take the opportunity to give back and help build a church in the Dominican Republic.

With all of the holidays that happen around this time of year, December really is the perfect time to give to others. Houston Astros pitcher Framber Valdez has earned himself a position where he’s able to make a difference for many and it looks like he’s doing his best to give back and help out where he can.

Valdez, who is from the Dominican Republic, has become a key member of the Astros’ starting pitching rotation. He’s also a key figure in making sure a church in the Dominican Republic gets built.

According to a couple of tweets from Héctor Gómez, Valdez has apparently helped in the construction of a church. He has put together funding and went out to help build said church, which is “[fulfilling] a pledge [Valdez] made as a teenager,” according to Gómez.

Houston Astros: Framber Valdez funds, helps build church in Dominican Republic

This is just flat-out incredible stuff from the 28-year-old Astros pitcher.

It’s always great to see someone who is in a position to help others do just that. Valdez making this promise as a teen and then following through once he was able to do so is heartwarming and encouraging.

In a time when so many are struggling after the past couple of rough and challenging years, Valdez and others stepping up to serve a community and follow through on a promise is a welcomed sight for many.

Kudos to you, Framber. Thank you for doing some good.

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