As MLB lockout continues, Gerrit Cole says players united to ‘protect integrity of game’

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One member of the MLBPA says it appears they are united to “protect the integrity of the game” as the lockout between the players and owners lingers on.

As we inch closer to what should be the happiest time of year when players gather for spring training in Florida and Arizona, players and owners are still talking amongst themselves in hopes of hammering out some sort of resolution for a 2022 season to happen.

New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole tweeted Wednesday it was refreshing to see one side seemingly unified.

Unification behind the integrity of the game we love sounds great. Many fans responded to this tweet wondering what exactly Cole meant by “integrity of the game.”

Some fans responded by rehashing allegations of cheating by Cole.

Many appreciated the union for fighting their cause.

Most are just ready for baseball!

MLB owners are meeting in Florida this week. Hopefully, we see some effort toward overall unification for baseball to return this summer.

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