Marcus Stroman gives Cubs another reason to extend Willson Contreras

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New Chicago Cubs hurler Marcus Stroman couldn’t be more impressed with the leadership skills of catcher Willson Contreras. 

From the moment new Chicago Cubs pitcher Marcus Stroman signed on the dotted line with the club, he’s been showered with love by fans. On top of that, Stroman has wasted no time in building close bonds with his new teammates.

This includes standout catcher Willson Contreras. Stroman is a big fan of Contreras and he said that he’s been blown away by Contreras’s leadership. If anything, this just gives the Cubs front office even more reason to get an extension done with him.

The Cubs need to figure things out with Contreras as soon as possible

That’s a powerful quote there from Stroman and it adds to the pressure for the front office. There’s been some drama between Contreras and the Cubs this offseason, with Contreras revealing the two sides haven’t even discussed an extension yet.

There’s been all kinds of trade rumors as well, which people in Chicago have hated seeing. Things only got worse here with the two sides being far off in arbitration discussions. If there’s an issue there, it means things are only going to be more difficult once the contract extension talks do get underway.

With the Cubs being a totally different looking ball club right now, Contreras is one of the few returning faces for the team. Cubs supporters want him to be around for the long haul. Stroman would love to see that as well, but it’s up in the air what will end up happening. The longer Chicago waits to put a new offer on the table, the more worried people will be that Contreras will end up leaving town after this upcoming season.

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