Carlos Correa: Leaving the Astros didn’t sound that difficult after all

Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins

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With his new opportunity with the Minnesota Twins, Carlos Correa doesn’t seem all that interested in dwelling on his time with the Houston Astros.

Well, it sure sounds like Carlos Correa’s move to Minneapolis is going well.

In addition to convincing his wife that moving from Houston to the Midwest probably wouldn’t be a big deal in the grand scheme of things, the new Minnesota Twins star doesn’t seem heartbroken over leaving the Houston Astros.

According to an article from Matt Young of Chron, Correa really didn’t seem all that interested in talking about the Astros during his introductory press conference with the Twins. While that’s not a huge surprise, Young notes that Correa barely even mentioned the Astros to the point that he avoided saying “Houston by name” and only said “Astros” as he was discussing a couple players he was familiar with.

Young also mentioned how Correa made reference to the Astros by referring to them as “an organization” during this press conference.

Carlos Correa leaves Houston Astros, signs with Minnesota Twins

Some of that may seem a little cold and frustrating for Astros fans, what happened at the press conference doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s more to it than just that and Correa has shown love for both the Astros, the city of Houston, and Astros fans.

First, Correa shared this message, showing his love for Lance McCullers Jr. and the people of Houston.

Then Correa took to Instagram and penned a farewell letter, thanking the Astros for the past decade while also expressing gratitude for Houston.

So, sure, the press conference Wednesday may not have been the best thing ever for Astros fans, but it was centered around and focused on the whole concept of Correa being a part of the Twins as they move forward.

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