Carlos Correa signs with Twins: Best memes and tweets trolling Yankees

Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees unknowingly aided the Minnesota Twins in signing Carlos Correa, thanks to a trade earlier in the week.

The Yankees trade with the Twins — which netted them Josh Donaldson, Isiah Kiner-Falefa and Ben Rortvedt — also came with a price tag. The Yankees took on the remainder of Donaldson’s contract, which came out to over $40 million.

With that money, the Twins reversed course rather than opting for a rebuild. Minnesota traded for Sonny Gray, among others, and signed Carlos Correa on Friday night.

The move to sign Correa was a surprising one, as it made the former Astros shortstop the richest infielder in all of baseball. Yet, it’s a contract the Twins could afford short-term because they shipped Donaldson’s fat contract elsewhere.

Correa, who had been a New York target earlier in the offseason, signed a three-year deal worth $105.3 million, with two opt-outs. He could theoretically leave after just one season, but isn’t a year with Correa better than the alternative? This is especially true considering the luxury tax relief they just received.

Carlos Correa signs with Twins: Yankees trolled in aftermath

Given their aid in helping Correa sign with Minnesota, it’s not surprising that fans around baseball took to social media to troll New York after such a move.

Trolling the Yankees is as much of a pastime as baseball itself.

As you can imagine, there were many more where that came from.

The Yankees got played, as did Brian Cashman. The sting won’t go away anytime soon.

Let’s just hope Anthony Volpe is exactly what the Yankees think he is.

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