Watch: Cubs fan goes berserk after catching the first home-run ball of 2022 (Video)

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The Chicago Cubs have some of the most dedicated fans in the world of MLB, and a fan just showed how much the Cubs mean to him during a game.

A fan caught the first home-run ball of 2022 from the Chicago Cubs, and he was shown celebrating with everyone around him. Cubs fans are dedicated, and this guy showed a new perspective on just how much the Cubs mean to the fandom.

This appears to be the best day ever for this man, and certainly a story to tell to everyone who will listen.

The Cubs fans around the country were thrilled to see the start of a new season, and some traveled quite far to cheer on the team for Opening Day.

“I’m excited about a fresh new team and I’m excited to be here. Well, a little strange because we started in New Orleans this morning where it’s like 80 degrees out, and now it’s this.” -Chicago Cubs fan Kaitlyn Chamberlain, via Chicago Tribune

The season opener was even more special to fans than usual because it is the first Opening Day game held at Wrigley Field in years due to Covid. On top of that, the Cubs hadn’t played a game on their field in nearly six months. Despite the Cubs not being expected to make the playoffs, the fans were still thrilled just to see their team play. The Cubs hold special and sentimental meanings to many fans, and this was a great day for many people within the fandom.

“It’s opening day,” said WXRT radio personality Lin Brehmer. “There’s nothing better!”

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