Phillies: Bryson Stott pulls off rarely-seen platinum sombrero

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Philadelphia Phillies infielder Bryson Stott gave the baseball world an exceedingly rare platinum sombrero in Saturday’s 10-3 victory over the division rival Miami Marlins.

The only contact Philadelphia Phillies‘ ninth-placed hitter Bryson Stott made on Saturday was into the mitt of a Miami Marlins backstop.

Yes, the Phillies second baseman pulled off the rarely-seen platinum sombrero. He went to the plate five times in the blowout win of The Fish and struck out in all five plate appearances. No contact, no problem, as Stott had no issues turning any Marlins pitcher into Randy Johnson or Nolan Ryan. This was only the seventh time a Phillies player pulled off the platinum sombrero.

The only other Philadelphia starter to not record a hit on Saturday was catcher J.T. Realmuto.

Philadelphia Phillies infielder Bryson Stott pulls off the rare platinum sombrero

While the game of baseball has becoming increasingly analytical, it is still very hard to justify a position player striking out five times in a nine-inning ballgame. That means Stott recorded five of the 27 outs made by the Marlins by not making contact with the baseball even once. Had he gone yard or walked, we may overlooked it, but everybody reading this can do what he did at the plate.

The good news for Stott is he joins some pretty decent company as the Phillies’ magnificent seventh platinum sombrero sufferer. Other Philadelphia legends to go down swinging, or looking, five times in a game include Andrew McCutchen (2021), Pat Burrell (2008), Scott Rolen (1999) and Dick Allen (1964). Not all heroes wear capes, as some get paid professionally to not hit a baseball.

Overall, the baseball season is a grind. Stott cannot let this get to his head. While he was hitting ninth in the Phillies’ lineup for a reason, he is not going to be a walking out like the kid who could not hit live pitching as a nine-year-old and that’s why his baseball career ended before puberty. Though we have all been there at the plate, when was the last time you rocked the ole sombrero?

Here is to Stott going 5-for-5 with five extra-base hits to offset this laughable display of hitting.

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