Watch: Reds officials interrupt interview to tell fans to take bags off their heads

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Cincinnati Reds officials interrupted an interview with fans to tell them to take the bags off their heads.

This offseason, the Cincinnati Reds lost a plethora of good players through free agency and through trades, such as Nicholas Castellanos and Jesse Winker. The Reds faithful are not exactly confident in the direction of the team. And much like any fanbase who is not fond of the team’s direction, some will wear paper bags over their heads.

In a video provided by Caleb Noe of WCPO 9 in Cincinnati, three fans who were wearing paper bags with “Sell the Team Bob” written on them were interviewed.

In the middle of it, team officials interrupted them, telling them to take the bags off of their heads.

Reds officials interrupt interview to tell fans to take bags off their heads

Of course, the Bob is in reference to team owner Bob Castellini.

Just before Cincinnati’s home opener, team president Phil Castellini caught the attention of Reds fans by asking the fans “where are you going to go,” while seemingly threatening to move the franchise elsewhere. He would later apologize for the comments.

The Reds have not seen any postseason success this century. The last postseason series they won was back in 1995, when they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to advance to the NLCS, where they lost to the eventual World Series champion Atlanta Braves.

As mentioned earlier, Castellanos and Winker were just two players that were not brought back to Cincinnati. Other players moved included Amir Garrett, Sonny Gray and Eugenio Suarez.

The fans wanted to wear the bags over their heads to show their disapproval of ownership. Stadium officials went out of their way to interrupt the interview to tell them to remove the bags.

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